Sanju Telecom is India’s leading CCTV Cameras Brand that offers a long range of security and surveillance products on their dashboard. It includes various cameras like Security cameras, WiFi Cameras, Color Night Vision Cameras, Analog HD Camera, PTZ Cameras, IP Cameras, and Network Cameras. Also to provide high resolution and high-quality videos. We have storage like DVR, NVR, and many other solutions. Apart from the above solutions. It presents various security accessories like Video Baluns, PoE Switches, Cables, and other networking accessories which is required incomplete execution of a project.

It provides high-quality products like the FALCON and IBIS series with DVRs & NVRs. You can choose from the long list of products present on the same dashboard. Surveillance cameras are well known for their long-term usage, durability, reliability, and functionality.

  • Basic Components of a CCTV System
    Security Cameras Cabling / Wiring Network Video Record Recorder (NVR) Storage (Hard Drives) CCTV systems are complex. A functioning CCTV system, offering full property coverage around the clock, requires a network of compatible commercial security cameras, ample storage, proper cabling and even power. […]
  • Cabling and Wiring for CCTV Camera Installation
    For most commercial CCTV systems, structured cabling running throughout the walls and connecting your security cameras to the server or NVR will be a vital component during surveillance camera installation. While more and more wireless security cameras are becoming popular, especially for home use, […]
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR)
    The Network Video Recorder, also known as the NVR, is another essential element to any IP camera system. Connected to the same IP network, the NVR can be installed virtually anywhere in your building or home. The NVR allows you to record […]
  • Hard Drives
    An NVR makes it easy to record video surveillance footage, but you will need connected hard drives on which to store this footage. Choosing the right amount of storage for your surveillance camera installation can seem like a confusing gamble, but it […]
  • Which is Better, DVR or NVR?
    DVRs with coaxial cables generally have image quality that deteriorates after around 300 feet. With an NVR system, you can get around this by using a POE extender, POE injector, or POE switch to extend cables over long distances, while maintaining high […]
  • Security Camera System Installation: Video Storage
    How Much Storage Do You Need? For most businesses, it is recommended to store footage from commercial security cameras for at least 30 days. For large operations, camera footage is often stored for up to 90 days, requiring a larger storage solution with […]
  • What About Cloud Storage?
    More modern CCTV camera systems allow users to store security footage in the cloud, allowing property owners and managers to access live and recorded footage from a mobile device or web browser. This is a good alternative to memory cards, because it […]
  • Types of Security Cameras
    Bullet Cameras Dome Cameras Turret Cameras PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras Fisheye Cameras Multiple Sensor Cameras Doorbell Cameras Wireless Security Cameras No matter your surveillance system configuration, the type of security camera you choose will have a tremendous impact, and there are […]
  • Bullet Cameras
    Bullet cameras range in size from a rifle bullet or a lipstick tube to a bread loaf, but the basic gist is the same in every case. They’re linear security cameras that mount to your wall or ceiling with a tri-axis mount (so […]
  • Dome Cameras
    The small, black orb of a dome camera offers a better field of view than its bullet counterpart. It’s also more subtle, more durable types of security cameras on the market. If you’re looking for a less assertive security camera system, the […]
  • Turret Cameras
    Also called “eyeball” cameras, the turret camera has a ball-and-socket joint to let you precisely redirect the field of view without remounting the security camera every time. They’re great for warehouses. Some of these may resemble dome cameras, but there’s a simple […]
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras
    PTZ cameras, or “pan-tilt-zoom” cameras, can be re-aimed remotely using an app, joystick, or computer program. They can track a person or a car across a range, or be programmed to cycle through different orientations to give you a 360-degree field of […]
  • Fisheye Cameras
    With a central focus and a condensed periphery, a fisheye lens security camera gives you a concentrated look at a wide field of view. It’s great for a parking lot or a warehouse, where the finer details aren’t as important as the […]
  • Multiple Sensor Cameras
    If you’re looking for the field of view of a fisheye lens but don’t want the distortion, you probably want to install a multisensor camera. This type of panoramic camera uses multiple discrete sensors and picture channels to capture up to a […]
  • Doorbell Cameras
    Simply put, security doorbells are just small security cameras – wired or wireless – that include a door buzzer and a 2-way intercom in the frame. Combining the benefits of a security camera and an intercom gives you a wide range of powerful features […]
  • Wireless Cameras
    Wireless security cameras leverage your home or businesses WiFi connection to create a surveillance network. These are great to use to monitor small to medium sized rooms and buildings because they tend to get image distortion when zooming in to objects that are […]
  • Indoor or Outdoor Business Security Cameras?
    Do Outdoor Cameras Need to Be Weather-Proof? If you are performing outdoor security camera system installation, be sure all cameras are waterproof and weather-resistant, and able to withstand moisture, heat, and the cold. Commercial outdoor security cameras are a great choice for any […]
  • Security Camera Installation
    Wired and wireless security camera systems for business facilities provide 24/7 safety, if properly positioned. Security camera installation doesn’t have to be a confusing process, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In some cases, you may […]
  • Camera Angle And Positioning
    During security camera system installation, it is important to consider the distance of the camera from its subject. All the right areas should be in focus and clearly visible at all times. Avoid placing the cameras where they can be obscured by […]
  • Business Security Cameras Cabling
    How To Run Security Camera Wires Something that must be considered when installing CCTV cameras is how they will be powered, and how wiring will be run throughout the building. In many cases, you’ll be able to install cameras and wiring simply […]
  • What is CCTV||क्या है CCTV कैमरा||
    बड़े काम का कैमरा- एक जमाना था जब सीसीटीवी कैमरों का इस्तेमाल दुकानों और ऑफिसों तक ही सीमित था। वक्त बदला और बढ़ती तकनीक और घटती कीमतों की वजह से सीसीटीवी कैमरे आम आदमी की पहुंच में आ गए। सीसीटीवी कैमरे न […]
  • NVR vs. DVR – The Basics
    At the core, both NVR and DVRs are responsible for video recording. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, whereas NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. The difference between NVR and DVR is how they process video data. DVR systems process the video […]