Indoor or Outdoor Business Security Cameras?

May 22, 2021

Do Outdoor Cameras Need to Be Weather-Proof?

If you are performing outdoor security camera system installation, be sure all cameras are waterproof and weather-resistant, and able to withstand moisture, heat, and the cold. Commercial outdoor security cameras are a great choice for any security system, but they should be properly equipped with the right casings, or else they may be damaged. Tough camera casings also prevent people from tampering with and vandalizing your business camera system.

Should I Hide My Outdoor Security Cameras?


Often, the mere presence of security cameras in commercial security systems can scare away less-motivated intruders. This suggests the best camera system for business security could be a visible one. But on the other hand, keeping commercial cameras hidden and out of sight can keep them from being tampered with or damaged by the more determined burglars. Also, if intruders cannot see any security cameras, they may also be less careful about covering their faces and their tracks.

Your location and potential threats will determine whether hidden or visible cameras are right for you. If you’re concerned about your cameras being disabled, you may want to hide them. A combination of both can often be a good plan, too.

Can You Use An Outdoor Security Camera Indoors?

Outdoor security cameras are more than durable for indoor use. With certain security cameras, like large bullet cameras, are simply too bulky to be installed comfortably indoors. Vise versa, the majority of indoor security cameras do not have the durability or weather proofing to withstand the rain, wind and snow of the outdoors.