Turret Cameras

May 22, 2021

Also called “eyeball” cameras, the turret camera has a ball-and-socket joint to let you precisely redirect the field of view without remounting the security camera every time. They’re great for warehouses. Some of these may resemble dome cameras, but there’s a simple trick to distinguish them – if the lens and the IR LEDs are in front of the glass on the housing rather than contained behind it, you’ve got a turret camera instead of a dome.

Since the glass housing doesn’t get in the way, they aren’t quite as vandal-proof as dome cameras, but they make up for it in capabilities. As well as being great for re-positioning on the fly, they are better for low-light and infrared since the glass housing doesn’t impede the lens. With some, it’s hard to tell at a glance where they’ve been aimed, so they can give a panoptic impression as a deterrent, regardless of their true field of view. Installing a video surveillance system with a few of these is a great option for a number of different configurations.