What Should I Consider When Choosing a Camera Intercom System?

May 22, 2021

Building Type

Your building or property type affects which door intercom system is best for you.

Mixed-use Building

Mixed-use buildings may use a system with a broad range of capabilities, or one that is customizable to the needs of different users.

Apartment Complex

Condo and apartment intercom systems should provide door control to numerous tenants. An app that multiple tenants can use is ideal.

Office Building

Office buildings may require systems with key card access for streamlined employee entry.

Industrial Facility

Industrial facilities can benefit from intercoms that allow remote viewing and directing of workers, and that are sturdy enough to last in an industrial setting. The aesthetic of the intercom’s design may not be as important for these facilities.

Retail Building

Retail establishments should choose a system that offers physical or mobile app credentials for employee access, and secure cameras for theft prevention. Sensitive areas may need additional entrance stations.

High Rise Building

High-rise building owners and managers may want to opt for a system that does not require extensive wiring, as this can be difficult. Systems with apps for tenants can be a great bet. Elevator control may also be important.

Gated Community

Gated communities should look for systems that can support many residents, and that offer gate stations with secure gate access control.

Large School Campus

Large school campuses need intercom systems that can scale to multiple buildings while managing to unite communication across the entire campus. Systems with security guard outposts are also great for providing extra security to campuses.

HOA Community

HOA communities will want a high-quality intercom system that includes gate or entrance access control and can be used by multiple residents. Attractive hardware is also important to provide a good face to the community.

Who Is Using It?

It is important to consider how many people need to use the system, and whether they need to control door access.